What is ALI? The Applied Learning Institute (ALI) is funded through the legislature to offer college level, technical courses to high school juniors and seniors.

How does a high school student qualify for ALI? The purpose of ALI is to allow high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore college level career and technical courses. Current courses offered are: Construction Trades, Healthcare, Industrial Technology, Pre-Engineering, and Technical Math.

Admission Requirements for ALI: High school juniors and seniors who are interested in learning about technical coursework at the college level. No minimum GPA or assessment testing is needed for this program.

  1. College Application
  2. Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program Notice of Student Registration - This form must be completed each semester for classes held on the Eveleth campus or in the high school taught by a college instructor. Parent/guardian must sign section one if student is under the age of 18. High school counselor or principal must complete section two.
  3. Consent for Release of Confidential Information
  4. Registration Form

Your admissions file is not complete until the items listed above have been sent to the Enrollment Services Office. If you have any questions, call the Enrollment Services at: 800-657-3862 or 218-744-7506.

What are the benefits of ALI?

  • A student will receive both college and high school credit for the successful completion of the course
  • Challenging courses that expose students to technical education
  • Enrichment of secondary curricular offerings
  • An introduction and preparation for students as to what is expected in a college course
  • A “head start” on college education for high school students
  • Partnerships and cooperative initiatives between high school and post-secondary institutions

What is a course syllabus? A contract between the student and the instructor. It gives the rules and detailed information about the course. Each syllabus should contain the following:

  • Course title, course prefix, course number, number of credits, and a description of the course from the college catalog
  • Teacher's name, office number, location, office hours and office telephone number
  • Prerequisites and/or recommended entry skills and knowledge for the course
  • A calendar/course schedule listing the timeframe and date of each class
  • A list of required texts and materials, as well as additional recommended resources
  • Student assessment methods
  • Grading policies
  • Attendance
  • Course accommodations
  • Academic integrity

What about attendance? Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and are responsible for all work missed during excused absences. Students should refer to their high school district policy regarding absences. Attendance is not used as a basis for determining a student’s grade.

What if an ALI student needs to drop a course?

  • Students may change their course schedules (drops and/or adds) through the 5th class day of the high school semester. Courses officially dropped within this five-day time frame do not appear on a student’s transcript.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the drop of a course. To officially drop a course a student must meet with their high school guidance counselor, and complete a Drop/Add Form, which the guidance counselor must forward to the ALI Coordinator immediately for processing with the College Record’s Office.

What if an ALI student needs to withdraw from a course?

  • Students may withdraw from courses after the 5th class day through the 60th class day of the college semester. Grades of “W” will be recorded on the student’s transcript.
  • It is a student’s responsibility to initiate withdrawal from a course. To officially withdraw a student must meet with their high school guidance counselor, and complete a Withdrawal From, which the guidance counselor forwards to the Coordinator for processing with the College’s Record’s Office.
  • Withdrawals which are not officially processed through the College Record’s Office will be recorded on a student’s permanent records with a grade of “F”.

Can dropping or withdrawing from an ALI course affect my high school graduation? If a student drops or withdraws from an ALI course, it is important for the student to check with their high school guidance counselor to ensure that he/she still meets the requirements for high school graduation.

What type of grading system is used?

  • Students receive whole letter grades (no pluses or minuses are given for any grade).
  • Students who complete credit courses shall be assigned grades according to the following definitions:
Grade - Achievement
A - Superior or exemplary, works above and beyond course expectation
B - Does more than fulfill course outcomes
C - Competent; has fulfilled course outcomes
D - Inadequately fulfilled course requirements
F - Did not fulfill course requirements

A student’s grade in a course is to be based on his or her academic performance on assignments and tests. Testing will cover the full curriculum of the course. Attendance is not used as a basis for determining a student’s grade.

What if an ALI student fails a Concurrent Enrollment course? If a student fails an ALI course, it is important to know that in addition to the “F” grade being part of his or her permanent record; it may also affect graduation from high school.

Will the credits earned through ALI transfer to another college? There is no guarantee that the credits you earned will transfer to another technical college. Please check with the institution you will be attending regarding transfer of credits. Credits are valid for up to 5 years at Mesabi Range College.

Do I need to take a college placement test? No. The ALI program does not require an assessment test at this time.

Do I need to purchase college textbooks? No. Textbooks are purchased by the local school district and remain the property of the school district. Please refer to your high school handbook for the policy and procedure for returning books.

What is an Incomplete? The mark of an “I” is a temporary grade that is assigned only in exceptional circumstances. It will be given only to students who cannot complete the work of a course on schedule because of an illness or other circumstances beyond their control. An “I” will become an “F” grade at the end of the next term (not including summer sessions) if requirements to complete coursework have not been satisfactorily met. Instructors have the option of setting an earlier completion date for the student.

What if I received an IP?

  • In many cases, the high school semester ends after the college semester, in which case students will be assigned an “IP”. The grades will be changed to the student’s earned grade when the high school semester is completed. Grades of “IP” when awarded for this reason, will not be part of the student’s academic record
  • Find out why you received an “IP”! It is important for you to know why. For clarification check with your high school teacher or guidance counselor.

What is Academic Dishonesty? Academic dishonesty is defined as any instance in which a student violates the rules of conduct established by your high school, the college, and the instructor for his or her own class. Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to, cheating on examinations; plagiarism, stealing, duplicating, or selling examinations or papers; producing or submitting other student’s papers, projects, or tests; knowingly furnishing false or misleading academic information to college and high school officials; and sabotaging another student’s work.

What about tests and final examinations? The scheduling of class-related examinations and the due dates for class-related assignments will normally correlate with the time allotted and assigned for the class meeting and/or occur during scheduled examination periods established by the high school instructor and college collaborator. The final examinations are held according to a schedule that is issued by the college.

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Where can I get information on the ALI program? See your high school guidance counselor or Contact Us.

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