Student Senate – Eveleth Campus

Purpose of student senate:

  • Act as the voice of the student body in matters affecting individual students, student organizations, as well as campus issues, state and national issues and/or legislative actions concerning the ECSS community.
  • Coordinate student activities and events and provide for proper supervision.
  • Initiate consideration of student issues and communicate action or recommendations to the designated school authorities.
  • Consider all matters referred to the ECSS by the designated school authorities.
  • Appoint such student committees as it feels necessary for the Senate to fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Establish qualifications and proper conduct for members of the Senate.
  • Make allocations of the Senate Funds.

Who makes up student senate:

  • The Senate shall consist of the President and Vice President who are elected from the student body.
  • A Cabinet who is elected from the student body, and..
  • Senators who are volunteers from their respective programs.

Who is eligible for senate:

Any student who is enrolled for at least 6 credits and maintains a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 is eligible to be an active member of the organization.

Members must also meet the following qualifications:

  • Members must be students registered for at least 6 credits.
  • Members must be able to devote the time necessary to assist the Senate in fulfilling its responsibilities.
  • Members must accept Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

Each Program is entitled to 2 representatives.

  • If a program has more than one department, it is entitled to a representative for each department.
  • All departments with two-year operating programs are entitled to additional members.
  • There should be one alternate from each program.

How often does student senate meet: Every two weeks

Who is your Advisor: Kevin Langdon - (218) 744-7471

 What should a student do if they are interested in joining: Contact Kevin Langdon – Student Senate Advisor (218) 744-7471 or E-mail

Eveleth Student Senate Members:

President: Alexxandra Burke
Vice President: Nick Thorsen
Secretary: Paul Benford
Treasurer: Nicole Carlson
Director of Student Life Activties: Renardo Straughter

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