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Move over Oscar and Felix. Olive and Florence are taking center stage in Neil Simon's The Odd Couple- Female Version. All of the antics and angst of the original Odd Couple come to life against a backdrop of divorce, separation, Trivial Pursuit, and sexy Spanish brothers just upstairs. Reserve your seats today!

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Mesabi Theatre Courses

Introduction to Theatre (THTR 1555)
(3 Lec; 3 Cr)  Goal 6
This course surveys theatre as an art form and a medium of communication.  It examines theatre from primitive rites to contemporary forms and includes architecture, lighting, scenery, costuming, makeup, plays, directing, acting, and criticism.
Prerequisite: CPT score of 72 or “C” or better in READ 0082

Beginning Acting (THTR 1565)
(3 Lec; 3 Cr)  Goal 6
The student will learn acting as a creative process. This course will include movement exercises, improvisation, voice work, and relaxation techniques. Students will gain an understanding of and involvement in the rehearsal process. Participation in selected scenes from plays will be required.

Theatre Practicum (THTR 2315)
(Studio/Demonstration/Internship; 1 Cr)
The Theatre Practicum credit is available for students who participate in the theatre productions on campus at Mesabi Range. Experience in backstage areas and front-of-house operations or rehearsal and performance of a role in Mesabi theatrical or musical productions.  Credit can be received for work in one of the following areas: performance, box office/marketing, costumes, scenery, properties, lighting/sound, makeup and stage management before/during performance runs for Mesabi Theatre productions.

Introduction to Play Directing (THTR 2555)
(3 Lec; 3 Cr)  Goal 6
This course is designed to familiarize the student with different concepts of play directing. Special emphasis will be placed on production procedures, central staging, and the fine fundamentals of play directing.
Prerequisite: CPT score of 72 or “C” or higher in READ 0082, THTR 1565

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