Academic Advising Staff

Eveleth Campus

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Rosanne Omersa 

Student Services Assistant



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Tracy Delich

Counselor/Advisor - Graphic Design Media AAS and Diploma, Industrial Mechanical Technology (IMT) AAS, Process Automation Systems (PAS) AAS and Diploma



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Kevin Langdon

Academic Advisor - Carpentry Diploma, Masonry Certificate, Industrial Mechanical Technology Diploma, Welding Diploma



Charlene Norlander

Academic Advisor – Practical Nursing Program

Concurrent Enrollment Program and Applied Learning Institute Coordinator



Virginia Campus

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 Cindy Altobelli

Student Services Assistant/SSS Assistant



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Kelly Bakk

Counselor/SSS Counselor - Education (Teacher Assistant Instructional Aide AAS, Early Childhood or Elementary/Secondary Educational Emphasis), AA with Criminal Justice or Sociology Emphasis, Developmental Education


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 Stephen Briggs

Director of Indigenous Services/SSS Advisor - Executive Office Management Program, Business (Diploma, AS and AA with Emphasis), Construction Management, Undecided



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Matt Jarva

Academic Advisor/SSS Advisor - Human Services AAS, Chemical Dependency AAS and Certificate, AA with Emphasis in Social Work, Biology (AS Biology), Chemistry, Mathematics, Pre-Medical, History, Pre-Law, Political Science, Music, Art, Philosophy, SSS Undecided


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Jennifer Willard

PSEO Advisor/Director of SSS - PSEO, AA with Emphasis in English, Communication, Psychology, or SSS Undecided


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Davis Lamppa

Advisor/Disabilities Director/Learning Center – Exercise Science, Physical Education, Health, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, International Students, Engineering




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