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Microsoft Office for Education (O365) provides students, faculty and staff with free email, sites, online document editing and storage, IM (Instant Messaging), and web conferencing through Lync. (Email is the official source of communication for Mesabi Range College.)

Easy steps to start using your new campus email:

Step 1: Activate your StarID by clicking the button below and following the instructions (please remember your StarID and password as you will use it for your campus email and eServices). Follow the link for a step-by-step guide to activating your StarID: Activation Guide

Step 2: Wait five minutes for your StarID to process and then select the button below to login to your Microsoft Office 365 email.

Step 3: Use your new StarID to access your new O365 Email -
(example -
password:        starid password  (use the starid password you created)

**When giving out your email address it will be:
firstname.lastname and the last three digits of your tech ID, (**

Activate your StarID
You will use your StarID to login to your Eservices, D2L and student email account.

Outlook Student EmailYour Microsoft Office 365 account.


First time using O365 - Watch the Video

ANNOUNCING STUDENT ADVANTAGE: Microsoft Office 365 Pro - No Cost for Student Use

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for students at no cost via the Microsoft Student Advantage program. This agreement between Mesabi Range College and Microsoft allows us to provide current students with the latest version of full Office at school and at home. Click here for details

Helpful Resources

Getting Started with your new Office 365 Email account

Get Started

Start Using Outlook for email and calendars

Using Outlook

Share Documents with Office 365

Share Documents

Download all available software from your 365 Email account

(Login to your email and click this link)

Download OneDrive for Business

(Login to your email and click this link)

Download Office 365 to your phone or tablet

(Login to your email and click this link)

Using your Newsfeed

Your Newsfeed


Use email and more

Phone Email Setup

See FAQ's

Using Word 2013


Using Excel 2013


Using PowerPoint 2013


Using OneNote 2013


Have more questions about Office 365? Visit our FAQ's Page.

D2L (Online Course Information) Resources:

How to login to your online course:

  • Go to:
  • Login: use your StarID user name and password (Activate using the information above and then use your StarID and password for your campus email, eservices and more!
  • If you are unable to log in or need help, please contact or 218-780-4829!

Q3. I forgot my StarID and/or password? 

Go to: Forgot StarID and/or password and you will be able to retrieve the information.

Q4. I need help! Email

Atomic LearningOnline software training, support and integration resources to simplify technology use campus-wide. We have Atomic Learning tutorials available for you to view - Call for a username and password today at 218-780-4829!


Common Downloadable Plug-ins:


Hardware Discounts:

ATT Discounts: Mention dicount code: FAN3622874 CLICK HERE

Spyware Removal Tools

You can download free Spyware Removal Tools for personal use from the following website's: Download Ad-Aware Free Download SpyBot Search and Destroy 1.5.2
Please note the above links take you to third-party software vendors not associated with Mesabi Range College. The software is not supported by the MRC IT staff, please install at your own discretion.

Old Campus Email 2012

  • Username: firstname.lastname followed by the last 3 digits of your tech id. (Example: John Smith, Tech ID 01010101 user name would be john.smith101)
  • Password: Your birthdate in the following format: YYYYMMDD (call 218-780-3443 or 218-780-4829 if you have problems).
  • How to forward your campus gmail to a different email client (yahoo, hotmail, etc.)
  • What is my student email address: firstname.lastname(last three digits of your techid) (

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