Mesabi Range College Policies

It is the responsibility of students and employees of Mesabi Range College to familiarize themselves with College policies and procedures.

Policies contained here may be made available, upon request,  in an alternative format.

Chapter 1: System and College Policies

1B.0      Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence Policy
1B.1      Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity
1B.2      Affirmative Action in Employment Policy
1B.3      Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy
1B.3.1   Sexual Violence Procedure
1B.4.1   ADA Grievance Policy
1B.5      Services to Students with Disabilities Policy
1C.1      Data Practices Compliance Notice
1C.2      Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts Policy

Chapter 2:  Student Policies

2.0        Confidentiality of Students’ Records Policy
2.1        Student Government
2.8        Student Life Policy
2.8.1     Student Life Committee
2.8.2     Student Stipends Policy
2.8.3     Student Travel Policy
2.8.4     Dress Policy
2.9        Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
2.10      Student Use of Equipment Policy

Chapter 3:  Educational Policies

3.1        Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy
3.3        Assessment Testing Policy
3.4        Admission Policy
3.6        Student Code of Conduct Policy
3.6.1     Student Conduct Procedures
3.8        Complaint and Grievance Policy
3.11      Drops/Add/Withdrawal Policy
3.17      Grade Appeal Policy
3.17.1   Grade Appeal Form
3.35      Credit for Prior Learning Policy
3.36      Independent Study Policy
3.37      Repeating a Course Policy
3.38      Course Test-Out Procedure
3.39      Academic Forgiveness Policy
3.40      Academic Integrity Policy
3.40.1   Academic Dishonesty Report Form

Chapter 4:  Human Resources Policies

4.1        NHED Hiring Procedures Handbook
4.4        Weather Emergencies and Evacuation Policy
4.16      MN Employee Right to Know Act of 1983

Chapter 5:  Administration Policies

5.3        HIV/AIDS Policy
5.11      Tuition Policies
5.12      Refunds and Repayment Policy
5.18      Drug and Alcohol Policy
5.19      Vehicle Replacement Policy
5.21      Possession or Carry of Firearms Policy
5.22      Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources
5.24      Parking Policy
5.30      Tobacco Free Environment Policy
5.31      Tobacco Free Campus Policy
5.32      Assistive Mobility Device Policy

Chapter 6: Facilities Management Policies

6.4        Facility Use Policy

Chapter 7:  Finance Policies

7.1        Accounts Receivable Write-Off Policy
7.2        Purchasing Policy

Northeast Higher Education District Policies

NHED Employee Parking Fee Policy and Procedure
NHED Employee Parking Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

NHED Authorization for Parking Fee Waiver Form

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