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Welcome to the Mesabi Range College Welding Technology Program website. On this site you will be able to find information about our program including the AWS S.E.N.S.E curriculum, program level options, instructor backgrounds and much more.

Successful students engage in a rigorous curriculum that is designed to provide them with excellent skills upon graduation to enter the workforce.

Mesabi Welding

Mesabi Range’s cutting-edge Welding Program

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The Entry Level Welding Technology Program is a 33 credit, 2 semester program with a diploma for the successful student graduate. One or two welder certifications may be available. The Advanced Level Welding Technology Program is a 65 credit, 4 semester program (including the ELW Program) that is optional upon completion of the Entry Level Program. Its successful completion gives the graduate another diploma. Several more welder certifications are available.

The typical Mesabi Range College Welding Technology Program student applicant has had some experience with welding and cutting. However, students that have never welded before have successfully completed this program and have gone on to become certified welders.

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Career Opportunities

Some of the places that successful graduates have gone to work are: USX MinnTac, Virginia, MN; ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine, Virginia, MN; L & M Radiator, Hibbing, MN; Electric Power Door, Hibbing, MN; Furin & Shea, Hibbing, MN; Terex, Grand Rapids, MN; Serco Loaders, Two Harbors Machine, Two Harbors, MN; Stanley/LaBounty, Two Harbors, MN; Savage Trailers, Angora, MN; Boilermakers Local Union; Millwrights Local Union, Virginia, MN; Ironworkers Local Union, Minneapolis, MN; and many places in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area and the surrounding suburbs. Some have gone out-of-state and a few have even gone overseas.

Some of the jobs the graduates have are: welder, fitter, welder helper, weld shop supervisor, welder/lead-man, welding apprentice trainer, boilermaker, pipe-fitter, welding robot operator, sheet metal worker, millwright/welder, quality assurance manager, welding inspector, plant superintendent, welding business owner and more.

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These businesses can provide insight into career opportunities within the field of welding.




Randy Washenesky

Advanced Level Welding Instructor

Office Phone: 218-744-7532

Fax: 218-744-7466 Attn: Randy Washenesky

Email: r.washenesky@mesabirange.edu



Entry Level Welding Instructor/Certified Welding Inspector

Office Phone: 218-471-0012

Testimonials (Video)

Lee Radaich is a 2008 graduate of the Advanced Level Welder Program at Mesabi Range College. He successfully completed several welding certifications before his graduation. At present, he is with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Union.

Welding Assesment (Video)

This video describes how one of our instructors, Tom Baldwin, assesses students on a daily basis.

A look into Advanced Welding

Course Outlines

WELD 1221 WELD 1222 WELD 1223 WELD 1224 WELD 1231 WELD 1232
WELD 1233 WELD 1241 WELD 1251 WELD 1255 WELD 1261 WELD 1262
WELD 1271 WELD 1272 WELD 1281 WELD 1282 WELD 2240 WELD 2241
WELD 2242 WELD 2243 WELD 2244 WELD 2245 WELD 2250 WELD 2251
WELD 2252 WELD 2253 WELD 2275 WELD 2257    

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