High Academic Standards: Excellence comes from excellence. Our academic standards are high because our experienced and exceptionally qualified faculty, staff, and administrators are committed to giving their best to our students. The College has been serving students from the region, state, and world for almost 100 years. Students tell us that what drew them to Mesabi was our reputation as a learner-centered institution, the currency and timeliness of our programs, and our size. Students appreciate receiving personal attention if they need further explanation, help on a work in progress, or simply encouragement. In short, choosing Mesabi Range College will provide you with a cost effective, supportive educational opportunity that will prepare you for your future.

Variety of Employment-Ready and Transfer Programs: Education is about creating new possibilities for career and personal growth. As a result, many of our students in the technical programs often have jobs before they graduate, acquiring the skills most in demand in today’s workplace. Career program instructors work with area business and industry to plan and revise their programs to provide students with what they most need to compete successfully in a complex and increasingly global job market.

Mesabi Range College offers its students outstanding math, science, and engineering courses alongside courses in fine arts, humanities, and the social sciences. True to its commitment to facilitate seamless transfer for its students, Mesabi Range College maintains a dynamic and varied curriculum to fulfill the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum requirements for transfer. As a result of this attention to curriculum, Mesabi graduates transfer to four-year colleges and universities prepared to concentrate on their field of interest.

Learner-Focused Services and Lifelong Learning Opportunities: Not able to come to campus for your classes? Let us come to you. Mesabi Range College offers a wide variety of online classes each semester. Want to take courses through distance education but not online? We can do that too. Through our new immersive telepresence learning platform, you can connect live with your instructor and other students.

Do you feel that learning in the classroom is best for you? Of course we have that, but there is more. “Smart Classrooms,” simulators, computers labs, software learning programs, and other technology learning tools increase student attention and information retention by providing hands-on, interactive, real-time experiences. Need to do some research? Need a quiet place to read, study, think? Mesabi Range College hosts a state-of-the-art library and art gallery.

Are you interested in extracurricular activities? If you want to play in a sport, you will find a variety of opportunities here. The College’s athletic teams are state recognized. Students can participate in football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and golf. Mesabi Range College is committed to assisting each student in attaining academic success through its tutoring and support services.

Sports don’t interest you? Come and explore music, art, creative writing, live theatre. They are all waiting for you here at Mesabi Range College!

In addition to our emphasis on quality education, the community is at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to helping the communities we serve develop and thrive. MRC’s commitment to the healthy economic future of our region is reflected in various partnerships with business, industry, and regional high schools. Some of the area’s most dedicated community leaders are MRC graduates.