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The Mesabi Range College Alumni Association supports the mission of the College by providing scholarships to students, building enrollment and promoting pride among graduates, current students and the surrounding community. This work is accomplished by encouraging all alumni to participate in the association and college tradition and to contribute to the scholarship fund.


Sue Medure, President

Tom Aro, Vice President

Stephanie Anderson, Secretary

Renny Renzaglia, Treasurer

Mary Lou Conaway

Dr. Bonnie Edwards

Luan Gentilini

Kathy Halfaker

JoErnesta Johnson

Angela Sipila

Chris Vito

(Scholarships available January, 2022 and closing April 1, 2022)

The Alumni Association will accept applications for the following scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. The number of scholarships and dollar amounts are dependent on alumni donations and memorial funds. All applications must include fall semester grades.

The Alumni Association will be awarding the following 2022-2023 scholarships:

Available Scholarships

Entering Freshman Scholarship - A tuition grant of $2,000 to a high school senior who enrolls as a full-time freshman with Mesabi Range College. This award is based on financial need and scholastic ability (must have a 3.0 GPA).

Trade/Craft Scholarship - Tuition grants of $2,000 to full-time students who are enrolled in technical programs with Mesabi Range College. Awards are based on skills, attendance, and recommendation from the workplace, or high school or college instructors.

F.B. Moe Memorial Scholarship - A tuition grant of $2,000 to an outstanding freshman who enrolls as a full-time sophomore with Mesabi Range College. Provided in memory of Floyd B. Moe, who was a long-time educator and school administrator in Virginia. This award is based on scholastic ability (must have a 3.5 GPA).

William Monat Memorial Scholarship - A tuition grant of $1000 to a full-time student with Mesabi Range College. Provided in memory of William Monat, a long-time educator, coach, and administrator in Virginia. This award is based on financial need and scholastic ability (must have a 3.2 GPA) and is given to an education (teaching) major. Incoming freshmen, sophomores, non-traditional students are eligible.

Pat & Babs Dimberio Memorial Scholarship - A tuition grant of $2,000 in memory of community and educational supporters Pat and Babs Dimberio. This scholarship will be awarded to a full time traditional student enrolled with Mesabi Range College who has completed a minimum of 15 college credits. Applicants are required to have an overall GPA of 3.5 and be enrolled in accredited Mesabi Range College courses.

Margaret Marvin Memorial Scholarship - Tuition grants totaling approximately $4,000 to full-time students with Mesabi Range College. Funded through an endowment in memory of Margaret Marvin who, for more than 30 years, was a member and supporter of the Alumni Association. The recipient must demonstrate good character with leadership skills and preferably express an interest in teaching or library science. Incoming freshmen, sophomores, and non-traditional students are eligible.

VJC / Judie Devich Kauchick Memorial Scholarship - : A tuition grant of $4000 to a full-time student with Mesabi Range College. Judie, a 1963 graduate of Virginia Junior College ("VJC") and ultimate community cheerleader, lived a life full of serving Virginia's major events and institutions, all while compiling a very successful career in banking, rising from junior teller to senior Vice President of Virginia's Queen City Federal Bank, but what made Judie special to the College was her 55 years of service to the College's Alumni Association's Board of Directors. In this role, Judie was instrumental in raising thousands of dollars to help countless young people, mostly from the Iron range, pursue their dreams through education. With this scholarship, we hope to continue that legacy. Eligibility requires a 3.0 GPA and is directed at students enrolled in STEM, Accounting and fine Arts.

***Qualifying credits must be transcripted Mesabi Range College credits. While Iron Range Engineering is located on the Mesabi Range College campus, the first two years of the program are through Itasca Community College and then continues through Minnesota State University, Mankato. Therefore, these credits do not qualify.

Accepting donations for all scholarships

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