Staff & Faculty Directory

Name / Title Office Phone
Kelson, Aaron
Economics Instructor
C153 218-749-7785
Pelton, Alice
Bookstore Coordinator
Virginia 218-749-7733
Thomas, Antavius
Student Support Advisor
G116 218-749-0315
Sanderson, April
LSS Financial Counseling
C154 218-749-7777
Luecken, Ashley
North HR Service Center
A110-114 218-471-1383
Stevinson, Becky
Records Office
S102 218-749-7762
Kangas, Beth
Advisor - Upward Bound (UB)
M218 218-749-7711
Olivanti, Betsy
UMD Center for Economic Development
C170 218-749-7752
Maki, Bill
President - Northeast Higher Education District
Hibbing Community College 218-312-1510
Sikkila, Billie
ALI Assistant
A106 218-471-0011
Matuszak, Brad
Women's Basketball Coach
G116 218-471-1384
Scott, Brad
Golf Coach/Physical Education Instructor, Womens Softball Coach, Athletic Director
G113 218-749-7757
Skorich, Brenda
Business Operations & Management
M205 218-749-7761
Kochevar, Brenda
Director of Admissions; Public Information
S121 218-749-0314
Veronick, Brian
Virginia 218-780-2701
Chopp, Brittany
Academic Coordinator - UB/UBMS
M217 218-749-7722
Johnson, Bryan
HS/ADDS Instructor
M210 218-742-3430
Seppa, Carmen
English Instructor
M224 218-749-7738
Bradach, Carmen
Director of NHED Human Resources
A108 218-749-7743
Satrang, Cary
Industrial Mechanical Technology Instructor
Eveleth 218-744-7496
Norlander, Charlene
Advisor - Eveleth Campus
M105 218-744-7524
Vito, Christopher
Head Baseball Coach, Phi Theta Kappa, PSEO Advisor, Perkins Coordinator
G114, Virginia & M104, Eveleth 218-749-7754 & 218-748-2431
Altobelli, Cindy
Academic Advisor/Accuplacer
S124 218-749-7727
Arens, Clayton
Welding Instructor
202 218-744-7497
Gerzin, Colleen
Advanced Minnesota, Custom Training Rep.
Eveleth 218-749-7716
LiaBraaten, Craig
M211 218-749-7784
Giermann, Craig
Biology Instructor
C164 218-749-7787
Prijatel, Dan
Graphic Design Media Instructor
Eveleth 218-744-7484
Lind, Dan
Physical Education Instructor
C160 218-748-2422
Kugel, Dan
Technology Support
100EV 218-780-8063
Lamppa, Davis
L122 218-749-0319
Olson, Dawn
Education Instructor
M216 218-749-7713
Falkowski, Deb
NHED Human Resources
A107 218-749-7767
Luthens, Devon
Practical Nursing Instructor
Eveleth 218-471-0013
Hoag, Donna
North HR Service Center
A110-114 218-471-1381
Pelletier, Elise
NHED Administrative Assistant
Hibbing Community College 218-312-1512
Werschay, Emily
Speech/Communications Instructor
M203 218-744-7586
Merkel, Greg
Virginia 218-780-2701
Duchene, Holly
Foundation Assistant
C179 218-748-2433
Janezich, Jamie
North HR Service Center Director
A102 218-471-1380
Slattery, Jason
Physics & Chemistry Instructor
C161 218-749-7732
Mayer, Jeff
Advanced Minnesota, Custom Training Rep.
Eveleth 218-749-0320
Torrel, Jeff
Director of Nursing
208EV 218-744-7537
Gregg, Jeffrey
English Instructor
M219 218-749-0302
Willard, Jennifer
Director of SSS, PSEO Advisor
L121 218-749-0329
Boyd, Jim
Technology Director-IRE
IRE 218-410-4938
Pontinen, Jodi
Director of Financial Aid, Title IX Coordinator
S125 218-749-7753
Bird, Jonathan
Director of Residential Life
S112 218-749-7773
Dr. Houle, Julie
Paramedic Program
Eveleth 218-744-7457
Kedrowski, Karen
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Hibbing Community College 218-312-1511
Bradach, Kathy
Nursing Assistant Instructor
112EV 218-744-7517
Troutwine, Katie
Mathematics Instructor
M222 218-729-7760 & 218-744-7481
Riendeau, Mary Kay
Human Services and Chemical Dependency Instructor
M223 218-749-7719
Perrault, Keith
Virginia 218-780-0446
Bundermann, Keith
Industrial Mechanical Technology Instructor
Eveleth 218-742-3447
Turk, Kelly
Eveleth 218-780-2701
Westby, Kelly
Practical Nursing Instructor
Eveleth 218-744-7547
Bakk, Kelly
Counselor/SSS Counselor
L114 218-749-7765
Langdon, Kevin
Enrollment/Academic Advisor - Virginia Campus
S120 218-744-7791
Giermann, Kim
Biology and Chemistry Instructor
C167 218-749-7758
Johnson, Kim
Library Technician
L111 218-749-7740
Ongalo, Kristi
Theatre; English Instructor
M227 218-749-7759
Mackedanz, Kyle
English Instructor
M202 218-749-7735
Hazareesingh, L.
Mathematics and Statistics Instructor
C155 218-748-2430
Hansen, LaRae
Financial Aid Assistant
S108 218-749-7755
Korpi, Laura
Paramedic Program Coordinator
115, Eveleth 218-749-0324
Lukas, Leo
Carpentry Instructor
201C 218-744-7473
DePaulis, Lisa
Business Office; Acct. Clerk
S134 218-749-7710
Paschke, Lori
Business Office; Acct. Tech.
S107 218-749-7742
Johnson, Luke
English Instructor
M213 218-748-2421
Mott, Lutasha
Advisor - Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS)
M229 218-748-2415
Gorman, Mary
Director of Instructional Services
M212 218-749-7768
Ashmore, Matt
Paramedic Clinical Coordinator, Instructor
Eveleth 218-744-7457
Jarva, Matt
Student Services Advisor - Eveleth Campus
M106 218-744-7471
Benda, Moe
Program Director, UMD Sci/Engr
IRE 218-749-7776
Pavek, Monica
Mathematics Instructor
C174 218-749-7789
Sager, Nathan
Philosophy Instructor
M221 218-749-0317
Miller, Nicholas
Technology Support
L117 218-404-4222
Monacelli, Patricia
TAIA Instructor
M221 218-744-7585
McLaughlin, Paul
Graphic Design Media Instructor
204EV 218-744-7480
DelCaro, Peter
History and Political Science Instructor
M226 218-749-7737
Kuopus, Phil
Maintenance - Eveleth Campus
Eveleth 218-780-0635
Merritt, Rainee
Maintenance - Eveleth Campus
Virginia 218-780-2701
Washenesky, Randy
Welding Instructor
Eveleth 218-744-7532
Tolbert, Rick
Virginia 218-410-2193
Stevens, Robert
Electrical Control & Maintenance Instructor
213EV 218-744-7490
Omersa, Rosanne
Admissions Assistant - Eveleth Campus
Eveleth 218-744-7506
Ostendorf, Ryan
Head Men's Basketball Coach, Counselor
G112, Virginia & M107, Eveleth 218-748-2424 & 218-744-7533
Dall, Ryan
Welding Instructor
201B 218-471-0012
Matuszak, Sara
Sociology Instructor, Volleyball Coach
M225 & G111 218-749-7739 & 218-749-0325
Norcia, Scott
Electrical Controls & Maintenance Instructor
210 218-744-7518
Christenson, Shari
Financial Aid/Student Services
S101 218-749-7755
McCauley-Jugovich, Shelly
Interim Provost / Chief Academic Officer
C171 & M213 218-748-2416
Jurgens, Stacy
Mathematics Instructor
M220 218-749-7780
Twaddle, Sue
Admissions Assistant - Virginia Campus
S122 218-749-0313
Lerfald-Honkola, Talicia
Art Instructor
M204 218-748-2434
Inforzato, Thomas
Head Football Coach
G115 218-471-1399
Killan, Tim
North HR Service Center
A110-114 218-471-1382
Pratt, Tom
Technology Support
M201 218-780-4829
Stackpool, Tom
Physical Education Instructor
M228 218-749-0326
Petron, Tym
Psychology Instructor
M230 218-748-2412
Parker, William
Adjunct Faculty - Engineering
S137 218-744-7527
Norenberg, Zebulun
UB/UBMS Director
M215 218-749-7763