After the drop/add period has expired, a refund of all or part of the tuition paid may be given under certain circumstances. Students may apply for an Administrative Refund for the following reasons only:

  • Student/family member* injury or illness that requires a prolonged absence (in excess of two weeks). A doctor’s statement is required.
  • A death in the family** Documentation required.
  • Military service.

If an Administrative Refund is granted, classes are dropped, no grades are awarded and the student’s transcript is not impacted.

All Administrative Refund appeals are reviewed by a committee.

*In the case of illness or injury, a family member is defined as the spouse, minor or dependent children/step-children/foster children (including wards and children for whom the student is legal guardian), or parent/step-parent living in the same household as the student.

**In the case of death, a family member is defined as the spouse or domestic partner, the parents and grandparents of the spouse, the parents/step-parents, grandparents, guardian, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, wards, or step-children of the student.