Z degree

Mesabi Range College introduces Z-Degree A.A. Program

True to its mission of preparing diverse learners for fulfilling careers, college transfer, and lives of intellectual curiosity and discovery, Mesabi Range College announces the launch of its Z-Degree (zero textbook cost) program.

Beginning fall semester 2020, students at Mesabi Range College will be able to earn their Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree without the additional cost of textbooks by enrolling in Z-Degree designated courses. Over the course of the past three years, MRC faculty have been re-writing curriculum using open-education resources (OERs), which means that we can offer over 40 Z-Degree designated courses.

Academically speaking, students will still receive the same quality and challenging instruction as always. Faculty teaching Z-Degree designated courses choose to use OER materials rather than costly textbooks which add up to a projected $200,000 annual savings for Mesabi Range College students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to qualify to take a Z-Degree designated class or can I register for a Z-Degree Class?

·There are no restrictions for taking a Z-degree class, however you must meet the classes prerequisites to enroll. Any student can enroll in a Z-Degree designated course, students register as usual.

·Not sure where to start? Meet with one of our advisors to help you on the right path. Let our advising staff help.

How do I access materials for my Z-Degree Class?

·Most class materials will require internet access to view online. Mesabi Range College offers free WiFi to all students on both campuses. While it’s not required, students may find it more comfortable to access their classroom materials on a laptop or tablet, but a smartphone or other personal device can work.

Can I take some classes that are Z-Degree designated classes and some that are not?

·Absolutely! Z-Degree classes are regular classes that do not require students to purchase textbooks. Students have the freedom to choose which classes they wish to enroll in.

Why would I want to take a Z-Degree class?

·Z-Degree classes do not require students to have to buy a textbook, which can add up to a significant cost savings over the course of your educational career.

Are class supplies free in Z-Degree designated classes?

·There may be a charge for class supplies, see instructor for more information.

Which courses offer are Z-Degree designated classes?

·Click on the following link: https://www.mesabirange.edu/academics/course-schedule - select Virginia or Eveleth Campus

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