Assessment and Registration

Eveleth campus students: You will receive a letter with assessment and registration date(s) and time(s).

Virginia campus students: If you have not applied, apply now, because you will need your student ID for the next step. APPLY NOW!!

Assessment & Registration sessions will last a minimum of 3 hours. Plan your schedule accordingly. Once you complete the session, you will leave with your college schedule.


New, incoming students are required to attend a registration session, which will cover important information about Mesabi Range College services and policies. This is also an opportunity for you to meet advisors that will help you with your course selection.

All new students must take the Accuplacer before registering for classes. The Accuplacer is an assessment test of Reading, English and Mathematics. Mesabi Range College uses this test to determine your skill level, and also to determine your placement in campus courses. You may re-test once per year.

If you want to learn more about the Accuplacer and would like study materials, please follow the link: Assessment Testing Info

You do NOT need to take the Accuplacer placement test if you qualify for one of the following exemptions:

  1. You are transferring in English and math credits from another college.
  2. You took the ACT and meet the following score requirements: If you scored 21+ in reading or 18+ in English, you are exempt from taking the reading placement test. If you scored 22+ in math, you are exempt from the math placement test. Students must submit a copy of their ACT scores to the college.
  3. You took the MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) tests in high school and meet the following requirements: If you scored 1158+ on the 11th grade math test, you are exempt from the math placement test. The MCA Reading test is not currently accepted, so a student must take the Accuplacer Reading requirement. Students are responsible for acquiring and submitting copies of their MCA scores to Mesabi Range College.
  4. You took the SAT and meet the following requirements: If you scored 480+ in reading, you are exempt from the reading placement test. If you scored 530+ in math, you are exempt from the math placement test. Students must submit a copy of their SAT scores to the college.

If you feel you meet one of these criteria, please contact Brenda Kochevar at 218-749-0314 or send an email to Admissions at

If you are a distance student who would like to test in your hometown, contact Cindy to have a voucher created: or (218) 749-7727

Assessment FAQ

Minnesota Statute 136F.302:

Subdivision 1. ACT or SAT college ready score; Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment career and college ready benchmarks. (a) A state college or university must not require an individual to take a remedial, noncredit course in a subject area if the individual has received a college ready ACT or SAT score or met a career and college ready Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment benchmark in that subject area. Only the ACT and SAT scores an individual received and the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment benchmarks an individual met in the previous five years are valid for purposes of this section. Each state college and university must post notice of the exemption from remedial course taking on its Web site explaining student course placement requirements.

Subd. 2. Testing process for determining if remediating is necessary. A college or university testing process used to determine whether an individual is placed in a remedial, noncredit course must comply with this subdivision. Prior to taking a test, an individual must be given reasonable time and opportunity to review materials provided by the college or university covering the material to be tested which must include a sample test. An individual who is required to take a remedial, noncredit course as a result of a test given by a college or university must be given an opportunity to retake the test at the earliest time determined by the individual when testing is otherwise offered. The college or university must provide an individual with study materials for the purpose of retaking and passing the test.

Students with disabilities must contact Disability Services prior to the test date to arrange accommodations. If you are needing to make accommodations, please contact:

Virginia Campus - S120

Eveleth Campus - M106