Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program

Students can get a jump start on earning college credits by taking college courses while they are in still in high school through Minnesota’s PSEO program. This program allows students to take college courses tuition free, saving both time and money on completing a college degree. The fee and required textbooks are also provided free of cost to the student. PSEO courses may also fulfill high school course requirements and count toward a high school diploma. The program provides students with a greater variety of class offerings and the opportunity to pursue more challenging coursework.

The PSEO program allows high school juniors and seniors to take courses full or part-time at a liberal arts community or technical college, a university, non-profit degree granting trade school, or an accredited opportunities industrialization center in Minnesota for high school credit.

Any public, nonpublic, home school or American Indian-controlled tribal contract or grant student classified as a 10th, 11th or 12th grader and accepted by a postsecondary institution may enroll either full or part-time in nonsectarian courses or programs at an eligible postsecondary institution. Students participating in cultural exchange programs are not eligible.

Important PSEO Registration Deadline Dates

For Fall Semester:

Thursday August 12, 2021

For Spring Semester:

Thursday December 16, 2021

Technical Course Options

Students who are interested in technical courses may take one technical college level course taught on a college campus as early as grade 10. To be eligible to do so, they must be enrolled in a public school, have a minimum of a “proficient” score on the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test for reading and meet the assessment prerequisites set for the course that must be met by all students. If a student successfully completes the technical course with a C or higher, the student can take additional technical courses as long as he or she meets the assessment requirement for those courses.

PSEO – New Student Admissions Checklist

  1. Mesabi Range College Application for Admissions
  2. PSEO Notice of Student Registration (this form must be completed EACH semester you take classes)
  3. Guidance Counselor or Home School Parent Form
  4. Consent for Release of Information Form (submit with application)
  5. High school transcripts (request your high school to send your official transcript directly to Mesabi Range College). Students planning to attend during their junior year must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Students planning to attend during their senior year must have a 2.6 cumulative GPA.
  6. College or technical school transcripts (if applicable). Have your official transcripts sent directly to Mesabi Range College.

The Entire PSEO Admissions Packet

PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form

PSEO Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

PSEO Appeal Form

Your admissions file is not complete until the items listed above have been sent to the Enrollment Services Office at Mesabi Range College, 1001 Chestnut Street West, Virginia Minnesota 55792-3448. If you have questions call Enrollment Services at 218-741-3095 or 1-800-657-3860.

PSEO – Returning Student Information

If you are currently attending Mesabi Range College as a PSEO student and plan to continue as a PSEO student the next semester, you must make an appointment with your PSEO advisor. In order to register, you must bring the completed and signed required forms. More information and the required forms regarding registration will be mailed to you before registration begins.

For more information contact Chris Vito at or 218-749-7754 (Virginia) & 218-748-2431 (Eveleth) or visit the Minnesota Department of Education Post Secondary Enrollment Options website.