MN Transfer Curriculum

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is a package between all public Minnesota colleges and universities. The MnTC is 40 credits that complete liberal arts courses over the course of ten goal areas. Once you have finished the MnTC you have satisfied the liberal education requirements for the first two years of all Minnesota public colleges and universities.

The ten areas of emphasis in the MnTC are listed below.

  • Goal 1 - Communication
  • Goal 2 - Critical Thinking
  • Goal 3 - Natural Sciences
  • Goal 4 - Math/Logical Reasoning
  • Goal 5 - History/Social and Behavioral Science
  • Goal 6 - Humanities/Fine Arts
  • Goal 7 - Human Diversity
  • Goal 8 - Global Perspective
  • Goal 9 - Ethical and Civic Responsibility
  • Goal 10 - People and the Environment

Current Transfer Worksheet

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2021-2022

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2020-2021

Previous Transfer Worksheets

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2019-2020

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2018-2019

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2017-2018

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2016-2017

MN Transfer Curriculum Worksheet 2015-2016

Associate of Arts Degree

  • Must complete 60 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all courses completed.
  • Within these 60 credits, must complete the 40 credits of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) with a 2.0 GPA and additional graduation requirements.
  • No courses numbered below 1000 may be used to complete degree.
  • Complete a minimum of 20 credits at Mesabi Range in courses numbered 1000 or above. The residency requirement shall be reduced to 11 credits for students transferring at least 9 credits from another Minnesota community college.
  • A course can be used in up to 2 goal areas (cross-listed) of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC); however, the credits for any course can count only once toward the total degree credits.

Transfer Grades

All college level courses in which a student has received a grade of A, B, C, D or P/S will be considered for transfer evaluation. Please note that D grades will transfer and fulfill Minnesota Transfer Curriculum requirements, some programs require all courses to have a grade of C or higher to fulfill requirements. No F grade courses will be accepted.