Fee Description

Student Activity Fee

Students are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $7.65 per credit to support student clubs and activities on campus. This fee allows students to attend MRC theater productions and sporting events for free and participate in various other student activities at no charge.

Technology Fee
A fee of $10.00 per credit is charged to each student to support and maintain the computers, high tech equipment and other technology services provided on campus.

Parking/Facility Access Fee
A parking fee of $2.00 per credit is charged to maintain the parking lots and sidewalks on campus.

Minnesota State College Student Association Fee
Students are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $0.35 per credit to support the state student organization.

Other Fees

Personal property and/or service charges may be attached to specific courses. Personal property charges reflect the cost of property that is retained by the student and having value outside of the classroom (i.e. tools). Students in some trade courses are required to furnish their own set of hand tools. Students may also need to obtain safety equipment as required by various departments.Service charges include services provided to students for the benefit such as actual course-related travel costs, testing fees, bowling lane rentals, music lessons, etc.

Transcript Fee: $5.00 for each official transcript requested

NSF Check Fee: $25.00 each occurrence

Special Course Fee: this fee varies by course and is charged to offset course related fees. Examples: individual music lessons, clinical insurance, uniforms.

Application Fee - $20

Late Fee - $50/semester

Test Out Fee - $50/credit

Reciprocity: Minnesota - Wisconsin - North Dakota - South Dakota - Manitoba