Payment Options


"Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment"

Students must pay their tuition and fees or they will automatically be dropped from classes. Students who have their registration cancelled for non-payment may not be able to get back into their classes. Account information is available online.

Unless you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Pay in full; we encourage students to pay online using e-check, Visa or MasterCard OR
  • Submit a down payment of 15% or pay $300, whichever is less (with an enrolled approved payment plan called Nelnet/FACTS) OR
  • Enroll in an approved payment plan called Nelnet/FACTS; OR
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA); OR
  • MRC Business Office has received authorizations for scholarships, third party payment, or tuition waivers.

Continue on to Tuition and Fees or to register for classes go to e-services.

Students have several options for paying their tuition and fees:

Payment Online: Pay online using an e-check, debit card, VISA and Master Card at Virginia Campus students / Eveleth Campus students

Pay through eServices: Log in using your StarID and StarID password:

  • click on Bill & Payments
  • click on Make a Payment
  • select the term and follow the payment instructions

Payment Plan: FACTS Nelnet BUSINESS SOLUTIONS offers a payment management plan that provides an option to pay tuition and fees. It is not a loan program; therefore, you have no debt, interest or finance charges assessed, and no credit check. The only cost is to arrange for monthly payments through NBS is a $21 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee.

Pay On Campus: The MRC Bookstore on the Virginia campus accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, cashier check or money order.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid application which has been processed by the Federal Government must be received by end of business on the first day of the semester. Call 218-749-7755, 218-749-7753, or 1-800-657-3860 if you have questions regarding your Financial Aid.

3rd party funding agency (such as the Work Force Center or Scholarships): Funding authorization must be received in the Business Office by 4:30 pm on the first day of the semester in order for you to receive credit your account.

Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO) Students: Make sure you have your PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form completed and signed by you and your parent or guardian, your high school counselor and then drop off the form at the MRC Office of Admissions.

Students’ Receiving Financial Aid: Note: the fee statement does not list the amount of financial aid that a student is eligible to receive. It shows the amount of tuition and fees owed. The financial aid award letter lists the types and amounts of funding a student is eligible to receive based on the number of credits for which he/she is enrolled. The two documents should be compared to determine if she/he will personally owe the college for any of the tuition costs. Remember: a separate loan promissory note must be completed in order to borrow a student loan.

Non-Payment: If a student does not pay for the courses for which she/he is registered:

  • He/She will not be able register for future terms, until the debt is paid in full.
  • She/He will not receive a transcript or diploma/degree, until the debt is paid in full.
  • His/Her debt will be referred to collections.