Tuition and Fees


Verify your class schedule and make changes to reflect your enrollment decisions.

You must drop unwanted courses by midnight of the 5th day of classes to avoid liability for tuition and fee charges. Courses dropped after this date may result in full financial obligation regardless of attendance.

Contact your academic adviser to drop courses. Do not rely on the college to drop courses for non-attendance or non-payment. It is your responsibility.

If you owe money from a previous term, registration will be allowed only after payment has been received. Failure to make payment by the due date may result in late fees, the inability to register for classes, and / or the withholding of transcripts and / or diplomas.

Note: Tuition/fees subject to change.

Registration Cancellation/Drop for Non-payment Information

2021-22 Tuition and Fees

2021-22 Tuition and Fee Rates

(1)Does not reflect the tuition rate of courses with differential tuition rates.
(2)Does not include personal property charges and service charges.

2021-22 Tuition and Fee Rates Online

(1)Does not reflect the tuition rate of courses with differential tuition rates..See 2021-22 Differential Tuition (below).
Does not include personal property charges and service charges.

2021-22 Differential Tuition

Note: Differential tuition rates apply to all resident, reciprocity, and non-resident / non-reciprocity students. Where differential tuition courses are taken on-line a $25.88 per credit on-line charge will be added to the above differential rate.

A differential tuition rate may be charged for courses or programs when there is an extraordinary cost of offering the course or academic program. Extraordinary costs may include but not be limited to the need for specialized equipment, required expensive supplies, accreditation standards, delivery methods, etc.

Reciprocity: Minnesota - Wisconsin - North Dakota - South Dakota - Manitoba

Reciprocity rates are available for students from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Manitoba. Typically, non-resident tuition is reduced for reciprocity students. You must apply for reciprocity online


Minnesota resident senior citizens, 62 years of age or older, may enroll in credit courses on a space-available basis. Seniors must self-identify and provide proof of age at the Records Office. Senior citizens enrolled in credit courses are not charged for tuition, but are charged an administrative fee of $20 per credit in addition to regular and special fees, including but not limited to per-credit Technology and MSCSA fees, textbook, materials, parking and or a late fee may be assessed if applicable. Senior Citizens must have reached the applicable age of 62 before the beginning of the term to be eligible for the Senior Citizen rate.