Graduation Student

Mesabi Range College 2020

Graduation Commencement Ceremony

While the current COVID-19 pandemic may have derailed Mesabi Range College’s plans for a traditional spring 2020 Commencement ceremony, college faculty, staff, and administrators will not be deterred from celebrating, in some fashion, the extraordinary accomplishments of our 2020 graduates – and those accomplishments are indeed extraordinary.

To that end, we have prepared a commencement presentation to recognize this significant milestone and to honor and celebrate the hard work of our graduates. Next year, spring of 2021, the college will contact all 2020 graduates to participate in the in-person commencement (honoring both 2020 and 2021 graduates).

Celebrate your remarkable perseverance and dedication to your future!

Click on link to view: Mesabi Range College 2020 Commencement

Part 1: Welcome

      • Welcome from Shelly McCauley Jugovich, Provost
      • Message from Dr. Michael Raich, NHED President
      • Introduction of Keynote Speaker - Kristi Ongalo, Interim Dean of Student Success
      • Keynote Speaker Dr. Bonnie Edwards

Part 2: 2020 Candidates for Graduation

      • Student Senate Leadership
        • Eveleth Senate President, Shayla Sarkela and Eveleth Senate Vice President, Steve Oja
        • Virginia Senate President, Christie Rose and Virginia Senate Vice President, Marissa Leecy
      • Introduction of 2020 Candidates for Graduation - Kristi Ongalo, Interim Dean of Student Success
      • Conferring of Degrees - Dr. Michael Raich, NHED President

Part 3: Thank you from our campus community!

      • Congratulations Graduates - Kristi Ongalo, Interim Dean of Student Success

Music: Minnesota Orchestra performing Elgar’s popular graduation march, Pomp and Circumstance

    Congratulations, graduates!

    Note: Due to processing deadlines, the list of names in the presentation may not reflect all candidates. A degree may have been awarded to a person whose name does not appear. Conversely, a name may appear for a person who has unexpected not completed a course still in process at time of production. Diplomas will be mailed to recipients once degree is verified.