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The StarID Self Service allows individuals to activate their StarID and change their password. You can also request a forgot password, expired password and a forgot StarID.

Star ID Self Service

Web Accounting/Budget - Click Here

Room/Event Scheduling

To reserve a room for a meeting or event, please make room requests here: Room Requests or to make a room change email bookstore@mesabirange.edu

Campus Email

Click Here to Login to Email

Faculty/Staff: Enter your username: YourStarID@minnstate.edu

(enter YOUR StarID. Example: aa1234bb@minnstate.edu)

Students: Enter your username: YourStarID@go.minnstate.edu

(enter YOUR StarID. Example: aa1234bb@go.minnstate.edu)

Enter your password: Enter your StarID password.

Forgot StarID? Forgot StarID Password? Go here: https://starid.minnstate.edu/

Click here for instructions on how to change your primary e-mail address that you send from.

1. How do I log in to my new email? Your email address will remain the same, only logging into your email will change (note the highlighted address to use).

  • Employees: your StarID@minnstate.edu, with your StarID password
  • Students: your StarID@go.minnstate.edu, with your StarID password

2. What is my email address? Has it changed or is it the same?

  • Employees: firstinitial.lastname@mesabirange.edu Current employees will remain the same, new employees will be: firstname.lastname@mesabirange.edu
  • Students: firstname.lastname@my.mesabirange.edu john.smith123@my.mesabirange.edu

3. If you had an MRC email address before January 1, 2017, your email address will not change. All future employee email addresses will follow the firstname.lastname@mesabirange.edu format. All future student email addresses will follow the firstname.lastname@my.mesabirange.edu format.

Need Help?


Go to the Minnesota STATE Help Desk link at https://servicedesk.minnstate.edu

Virginia Campus Help

IT Support, D2L Support, Website Support

Eveleth Campus Help

IT Support

IT Support

Web Conferencing - Zoom

Office Training Center

Learn by app or service

Learn by scenario

Office 365 scenario-based training provides inspirational tutorials to show you how you and your team can transform the way you work. We’ll show you how to save your files to the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere, on almost any device. We’ll also demonstrate how you can use Office 365 to work together as a team to share files and co-edit documents stored in the cloud.

Get it done from anywhere

Content collaboration

Run more effective meetings

Email and calendar on the go

Bring Your Team Together

See Also

Office 365 training

Accessibility in Office 365

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification

D2L Brightspace

Computer system requirements for online students - Click Here

D2L (Online Course Information) Resources:

How to login to your online course:

  • Go to: https://mr.learn.minnstate.edu/
  • Login: use your StarID user name and password (Activate using the information above and then use your StarID and password for your campus email, eservices and more!
  • If you are unable to log in or need help, please contact help@mesabirange.edu or 218-780-4829!

Q1. I forgot my StarID and/or password?

Go to: Forgot StarID and/or password and you will be able to retrieve the information.

Q2. I need help! Email help@mesabirange.edu


Turinitin is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps students learn by facilitating personalized feedback.

TurnitIn (Plagiarism Prevention)

Feedback Studio Instructor User Manual

Create an Account

Common Downloadable Plug-ins:


Hardware Discounts:

ATT Discounts: Mention discount code: FAN3622874 CLICK HERE

Spyware Removal Tools

You can download free Spyware Removal Tools for personal use from the following website's:
https://www.adaware.com/antivirus Download Ad-Aware Free
https://www.safer-networking.org/products/spybot-free-edition/ Download SpyBot Search and Destroy
Please note the above links take you to third-party software vendors not associated with Mesabi Range College. The software is not supported by the MRC IT staff, please install at your own discretion.