Online FAQ

Use your StarID and StarID password to log in to D2L.

If you have not activated your StarID, visit the StarID Self Service.

If you have completed your StarID activation but still cannot login to D2L, contact our helpdesk at

If you need help with D2L Brightspace, please contact:

Contacting your instructor

It is the responsibility of each student to contact their online instructor if any questions arise concerning course content/formatting. Contact tech support immediately if you are experiencing any technical difficulties. If these problems are not addressed when they happen you may fall behind with the required coursework and be unsuccessful in completing the course.

Online Do’s

· Contact instructor immediately after registering for class
· Log into your course(s) during the first week of the semester
· Keep up with assignments
· Contact instructor/technical support/academic advising when problems/questions arise
· Give yourself adequate time to complete required work for online courses
· Respond with appropriateness to instructor and fellow students

On-Line Advisor

Information regarding services for students will be made available on this web page throughout the semester. If online learners have any concerns regarding student services they are asked to talk to or e-mail their advisor. MRC is interested in serving your needs as a Distance Learner. If you have a documented disability or believe you will need additional learning services, please contact Kevin Langdon at 218-749-7791. Mesabi Range College looks forward to serving your needs as a Distance Learner either through approved accommodations or Learning Center services.

Additional FAQS

When should I first login?

You should login the first day of class. It's a great idea to login the first day and print out the syllabus for the class. Please note: If you do not log into your class during the first week of class, you will be dropped from the class at the end of the first week.

Can I logon from another computer?

Yes, you can access D2L on any computer.

How do I get to the D2L website?

You can access D2L from the "Quick Links" section on the Mesabi Range College homepage.

When can I see my class?

Classes will be available the first day of each semester. If you have just registered, you will not see your classes on D2L until the following day.

Who should I contact for class specific questions?

You will want to contact your instructor for class-specific questions. If you have general online questions, please contact your advisor.

Who should I contact if I'm having troubles with my D2L?

If you are having technical difficulty accessing or using your online course please contact: or call Tom Pratt at 218-780-4829

I have never taken an online class, where do I start?

Please contact your advisor.

I just enrolled into a course. Why don't I see it in D2L?

If you have just registered, you will not see your classes on D2L until the following day.

What if I don't see my class on my D2L homepage?

If you have just registered, you will not see your classes in D2L until the following day.

If you cannot see a course you're enrolled in, click the plus sign (+) next to the Department for the class you are taking. This will expand and show your course.

I forgot my password?

Select the Forgot your Password link. This link will bring you to the StarID Self Service page, from there click on the StarID Self Service Link at the top of the page and then select forgot password.

If you are still having issues with your password, please contact Technical Support: Tom Pratt at

How does the messenger work?

The messenger is an easy way to contact your instructor or other students in this class. To send a message, select the person you would like to contact from the contact list and then click on the messenger icon.

How do I know if my quizzes or homework have been submitted?

After each submission, click on the quiz or drop box tab to verify the quiz or homework has been submitted. If you do not see that there has been a submission for the corresponding quiz or homework, try submitting it once more. If this does not work, please contact the helpdesk. You will also receive a confirmation email for assignment submissions.

I don't have my own computer; how do I save my work?

To save your work you must save it on your own flash drive, which allows you to save your documents and keep them with you. You can now save your work to your OneDrive, which can be accessed through your Outlook student email account.

How do I contact my instructor?

You can message (in D2L), email or call your instructor.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues?

If you are having technical difficulty relating to your online course please contact: Tom Pratt at or call 218-780-4829.

How do I post a discussion response?

From the Discussions tab you will click the discussion topic you would like to respond to, then click Compose. Once you have typed your response, click Post.

How do I delete a file I uploaded?

You cannot delete a file once it has been uploaded -- only your instructor can.

Instead, upload a new version of the document. Your instructor has the resources available to tell the difference. To ensure he or she is aware of the mistake, contact your instructor directly.

I can't submit my quiz, what do I do?

  1. DO NOT continue to try to submit your quiz.
  2. Clear your browser's cache.
  3. Close your browser.
  4. Start your browser again and login to D2L.
  5. Start your quiz again.

Try using a different computer to continue your quiz. If problems persist, contact tech support 218-780-4829.

Why are my D2L pop-up windows being blocked?

Turn off your pop-up blocker in the browser that you are using.

How do I turn on/off popup blocker in my Browser

Google Chrome:

  1. Select the three dots in the upper right corner
  2. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.
  3. Click Pop-ups and redirects.
  4. At the top, turn the setting to Allowed or Blocked.
  5. Close the window.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Select the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select the Privacy and Security tab.
  4. To disable the pop-up blocker, uncheck the Block pop-up windows box below Permissions.
  5. To allow specific pop-ups, click Exceptions and enter the URL(s).
  6. Close the window.

The Yahoo! or Google Toolbar may be installed on your browser. If this is the case, you need to uninstall the toolbar in order for the pop-ups to work in D2L. Visit the Yahoo! web site or the Google web site to learn how to uninstall the toolbar.