Services Offered by SSS

  • Tutoring Services
  • Free Photocopying Services
  • Campus Visits to neighboring four-year colleges, BSU, UMD, CSS & UWS
  • Cultural, Social and Educational Activities
  • SSS Supplemental Grants to help reduce loans

Cultural & Social Activities

  • Holiday Parties & SSS Open House
  • Graduation Banquet
  • Special Events
  • Two regional activities per year, which are open to SSS students from Hibbing Community College, Vermilion Community College, Itasca Community College, Mesabi Range College, and Rainy River Community College.
  • Many other activities both on- and off-campus.

All of these events are provided FREE for eligible students!

Perks of Being an SSS Participant

Some of the FREE services and programs we provide include:

Career/Academic/Personal Guidance
Students are assisted in finding solutions to personal goals and in developing an awareness of educational and career goals. Personal, career, and academic advisement is available on both an individual and group basis. Students are required to participate in a scheduled counseling calendar. A full-time staff member is assigned to work with each student. The contact is frequent and continuous throughout the student’s tenure at the college.

Individualized Tutoring/Academic Coaching
Our program and tutors are nationally certified by the National Tutoring Association. Each semester, a bank of tutors are hired and trained to serve in all major academic areas. These tutors are available to all program students whenever the student or the student’s counselor feels that additional study, remediation, or review is necessary to the academic success of the student.

Financial Aid Advisement
Student Support Services students receive assistance from our staff to ensure that both federal and college financial aid forms are correctly completed and filed before deadlines, thus insuring continued and much needed financial assistance to this predominantly low-income population.

SSS staff organizes a variety of workshops and group counseling experiences, which address such topics as stress, financial literacy, career exploration, and test anxiety. Other group sessions may be arranged depending on the needs of the students.

Cultural Programs
Each fall and spring semester, SSS will offer cultural events for our participants. Students are informed of these events in the SSS Newsletter. These events are off campus, which provides a cultural tie to the outside and learning environment.

Transfer Assistance/Campus Visits
In addition to cultural events and workshops, SSS provides field trips to 4-year private and public universities every fall and spring semester. Reservations are conducted with the Academic/Career Specialist.

The Scholarship Program
Student Support Services awards scholarships that the student may use to pay on student loans, tuition, room and board fees, on books, and academic expenses. The purpose of this scholarship is to reduce the loan burden of its applicants. All awards are given at the end of the semester as each awardee is expected to fulfill the requirements of the program.

SSS Alumni Association
We encourage former participants of SSS at MRC to help establish an Alumni Association by sending us your contact information. The SSS Alumni Association is here to keep you connected to the program. With this in mind, we desire to communicate regular news and updates on the program and provide a network for SSS alumni to interact with current SSS participants. SSS is always interested in hearing from past participants. We desire for each former participant to update us on your life.