Work Study (Student Employment)

This Student Employment page is designed to provide general information about student employment at Itasca Community College. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have specific student employment questions that are not covered below.


Work Study is financial aid in the form of part-time employment. It is available to qualifying students to help defray the cost of attendance. In addition to earning a paycheck on a bi-weekly basis, work study programs allow students to work around their academic schedule, and to build a resume and/or establish references.


The first step to becoming eligible for a work study position is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). During the application, be sure to select "yes" when asked if you are interested in being considered for work study. However, displaying interest does not guarantee a work study position.

Eligibility for work study is determined by your financial need and will be ultimately determined by the FInancial Aid Office at ICC. Additionally, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to be allowed to participate and continue in work study programs and must maintain at least half-time enrollment throughout their employment. If a student drops below half-time enrollment at any point during the term, the student is immediately terminated from the program.

Students that do not meet eligibility requirements for Federal or MN State Work Study can meet with Financial Aid staff to inquire about eligibility for funding through the Blandin Work Program.

Job preference is granted to students who complete their FAFSA and any verification requests early as work study positions are limited.


Before you are eligible to begin working, you must first follow the steps below. Failure to do so will result in your inability to participate in any work-study program at ICC:

1) Complete a Work Study Interest Form and submit to the Student Services / Financial Aid Office. Once your form is received and it is determined that you are eligible for work study you will be enrolled in a Brightspace (D2L) course for work study students. *If you do not qualify for any form of work study, you will be notified via personal and institutional email*

  • Incoming fall students that have completed and returned the Work Study Interest Form will see this course within their D2L (Brightspace) application under the "My Courses" section by August 15th of each year.
  • This course will provide access to training materials, reference guides, student pay schedules, and a mandatory quiz that must be completed prior to receiving your Work Authorization form.
  • Your Brightspace work study course will remain open to you for your own reference for the remainder of the academic year in which you initially were enrolled. You are encouraged to periodically review policies and remain current in work-study expectations.
  • This course, and an updated Work Study Interest Form is required each year, regardless of continued employment.

2) Once you have satisfactorily completed the mandatory quiz and have received and printed your Work Authorization form. You may then apply and interview for open work-study positions.

  • You are responsible for finding your own work-study job. Most positions are on-campus, although some off-campus jobs are available. It's best to identify job openings that interest you and/or fit well with your degree plan by accessing the Job Openings List or by contacting supervisors directly.
  • The Current Job Openings List will be available and updated on ICC's website before the beginning of fall semester each year. (not all supervisors choose to advertise through this venue and you may find open positions through direct contact or word of mouth)
  • Please be aware that not all supervisors are available to contact during the summer months.

3) After you have found a position and have been hired, both you and your new supervisor will each complete a small portion on your Work Authorization form. You will then bring this form to the Student Services / Financial Aid Office.

***If you have never previously been a student employee at ICC, you will be REQUIRED to complete additional pre-employment documentation as is required and enforced by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. Please view the list of acceptable documents you must provide as proof of identity and eligibility in original, non-expired form for the purpose of completing the Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. You will also complete the IRS Form W-4 at this time.

Completion of these forms is a federal requirement and failure to comply (working prior to completion) will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of participation in the work-study program.

4) Once you have successfully completed the above steps, your work authorization will be created in student payroll and you will receive an Eligibility Certificate via email. Until you receive this certificate, or unless you receive expressed authorization from the Financial Aid Office, you are not eligible to work.

Hours and Pay

You and your supervisor will establish the number of hours you may work per week within the policies listed below and based on funds availability. Violating these policies may result in suspension and/or termination of your work study position.


  • In most cases, work study hours are recorded via eTime (electronic timesheets) through the student’s eServices application.
  • Students are limited in the amount they can earn. Upon reaching your maximum award, you may request additional work-study funds; however, if funding is not available, you must cease working at that time. You can check your award balance within your Student eTime application.
  • Students can work up to, but no more than 30 hours per week. However, we recommend you not work more than 20 hours per week so that your academic performance does not suffer.
  • Overtime is not authorized for student employees.
  • If a student is scheduled to work 6.5 or more consecutive hours, they are required by ICC policy to take a 30 minute unpaid break.
  • Falsification of reported hours will result in termination from the program, repayment of any unearned wages, and potential criminal charges.


  • Student wages are $11.00 per hour during the academic year (beginning fall 2019) and $12.00 during the summer.
  • Students are paid bi-weekly on Fridays via Direct Deposit or paper check (Direct Deposit is highly encouraged and can be set up under the Student Employment tab within your eServices application. If paper checks are not picked up promptly, they will be mailed to the permanent address on the student’s record.)
  • Pay Schedule for 2019-2020 (lists important due dates and pay dates)



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