Innovative Grant Program

The Foundation is aware that we need to support programs, projects and activities that are innovative or in need of funds to fully meet the needs of the students and the goals of the college. One of our initiatives is to provide funds in the form of grants for a project, activity or program. We are looking for innovative ideas and actions that support our college, our students and interface with the community. Innovative Special Project Awards are grant funds distributed from the payroll deduction fundraiser contributions that are donated by Mesabi Range College Faculty and Staff.

Innovative Grant funds for the 2013 Fall Semester were awarded to Paul McLaughlin for a new computer and software for the Graphics Design Media program to ensure our students' experience is state-of-the-art!

Innovative Grant funds for the 2013 Spring Semester were awarded to:

  • Mary Kay Riendeau, Human Services Instructor, to support an on-line instruction project
  • Lisa Kvas, eFolio Program Director, for a Mental Health Training Project
  • Devon Luthens, Nursing Instructor, for a Nursing Program Curriculum Update Project

The following criteria are essential for application to the Innovative grant funds:

  • A grantee must be a member of MRC personnel whose work will be enhanced by a grant from the Foundation
  • Identify the number of students benefiting from the grant and how this initiative ties in with the community
  • The Foundation will select grant applicants whom have completed applications and will conduct additional interviews or discussions with applicants as deemed appropriate
  • The Foundation will pay the grant funds directly to the grant recipients (program) following the established college process
  • Each grant recipient must agree in writing to use the grant funds to defray the expense associated with the approved project
  • A report needs to be submitted by the 30th day of the semester following completion of the project
  • If the Foundation learns that any part of a grant is being diverted from the intended purposes, it will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to recover the grant funds and/or to ensure restoration of the diverted funds to the purposes of the grant. This would include legal action if deemed appropriate under the circumstances.

If you have any questions contact Kim Pittman, Foundation Coordinator, via email at foundation@mesabirange.edu or call (218)748-2433.

Innovative Grant Application

A call for Grant Applications will be issued from the Foundation office as funds are available. For the 2013-14 School year, $1,500 in grant funding is available both Fall and Spring semesters. Grant Applications will be evaluated by the Foundation's Innovative Grant Committee using the crieteria below.

If you would like to apply for a grant, download an Innovative Grant Application Form now!

Projects with High Priority may include:

  • Involving a broad base of students on respective campuses
  • Innovative projects that are not funded by an existing allocation
  • Retaining students or enhancing recruiting new students
  • Interfacing with community initiatives
  • Being unique and enhancing the total environment and the stature of the college
  • Endorsement by the college rated high as value added to the curriculum, activities, physical building or campus grounds
  • Projects that need seed funds to invigorate existing activities, or to revive successful but dormant campus activities.

Projects with Medium Priority may include:

  • Existing curriculum disciplines with limited student involvement
  • Projects that may need additional resources to meet its mission needs
  • They are deemed to show a need for additional thought but have a future potential.

Projects with Low Priority may include:

  • Projects that benefit only a few students i.e. such as a field trip
  • Projects in which the applicant seeks funds for monetary gain
  • Projects that are of a one-time duration deemed not to show residual benefits
  • Projects that do not show long-term benefits to the college.