Program Review

Program Review

Data Elements for Program/Discipline Review provided by the Office of Institutional Research

  • Credit Program/Discipline Delivery
  • Classification of Instructional Programs - CIP

Enrollment (Source - Instructional Section Costs):

  • Students Enrolled / Duplicated Head Count- number of student seats in courses
  • Student Total FYE – Full-year equivalent – full-time enrollment equivalent for a year – total credits taken by students divided by 30
  • Number of Sections – number of class sections offered within the CIP code(s)/Subject
  • Average Section Size - average number of students in each section
  • Percent Full – percent full for a class based on maximum class size
  • Total Instruction FTE – Faculty/Instructional Full-Time Equivalent
  • Student FYE to Faculty FTE – Student FYE per faculty FTE

Instructional Costs - instructional expenditures: salary, fringe, supplies, equipment (Source – Minnesota State Cost Study Net Expenditures, current year Accounting System Expenditures YTD/Encumbrances, preliminary cost study data)

  • Per Student FYE – cost per student FYE based on fiscal year (FY) instructional costs
  • Change by Year – change from prior year
  • Enrollment by Major – Fall (spring if applicable) enrollment by Major/CIP Code/Subject and other enrollment as needed (Online vs. Not Online)
  • Credit Completion Rate by Subject Area – total credits attempted / total credits earned (completed) in courses by subject area over fiscal year
  • Licensure Exam Pass Rate – if applicable, e.g. nursing (Minnesota Board of Nursing)
  • Awards – for fiscal year per CIP, Major or Award Level
  • Status of Graduates – Minnesota State Graduation Follow-up Survey results by program CIP code.
  • Persistence and Completion Rates – based on fall cohort of major (for program/major areas), retention fall to spring and fall to fall, fall to fall success (retained, graduated, transferred), and completion (3-year transfer or graduate).
  • Minnesota State Allocation Framework / Instructional Cost Study – Shows college direct instruction, indirect, and fully allocated cost per CIP code and cost per student FYE.The allocation Framework uses the cost study data and adds academic support (less library) to each CIP per the FYE.A 20% band around the System average is calculated for each CIP.There’s a reduction of allocation if below the floor (10% below System aver) and an increase if above the ceiling (10% above the System aver), comparison per CIP and to Minnesota State.

Source(s) description:

Instructional Section Costs – Minnesota State warehouse data pulling from HR assignment, course/instructor, and cost center tables - are designed to “align faculty course sections taught with HR assignment wages.”Instructional costs are “attributed to the CIP assigned to the course section regardless of what cost center was used to actually pay the faculty member.”This database is more current (timely) than the Cost Study.Use only if CIP aligns with program area – CIP / subject.

  • ST06 – Students by Course – Minnesota State ISRS Operational Data – student enrollment by course level, credit completion rates – ODS CT ST Multi Year.Query of courses by CIP codes and cross-referenced with subject.
  • ST03 – ST Term Data wMajors – student enrollment by term, by major
  • ST01 – CT_COU Course Summary – Course enrollment by YRTR
  • Student Academic Awards
  • Minnesota State Allocation Framework / Instructional Cost Study