Student Senate

Purpose of student senate:

  • Act as the voice of the student body in matters affecting individual students, student organizations, as well as campus issues, state and national issues and/or legislative actions concerning the ECSS community.
  • Coordinate student activities and events and provide for proper supervision.
  • Initiate consideration of student issues and communicate action or recommendations to the designated school authorities.
  • Consider all matters referred to the ECSS by the designated school authorities.
  • Appoint such student committees as it feels necessary for the Senate to fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Establish qualifications and proper conduct for members of the Senate.
  • Make allocations of the Senate Funds.

Who makes up student senate:

  • The Senate shall consist of the President and Vice President who are elected from the student body.
  • A Cabinet who is elected from the student body, and..
  • Senators who are volunteers from their respective programs.

Who is eligible for senate:

Any student who is enrolled for at least 6 credits and maintains a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 is eligible to be an active member of the organization.

Members must also meet the following qualifications:

  • Members must be students registered for at least 6 credits.
  • Members must be able to devote the time necessary to assist the Senate in fulfilling its responsibilities.
  • Members must accept Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

Each Program is entitled to 2 representatives.

  • If a program has more than one department, it is entitled to a representative for each department.
  • All departments with two-year operating programs are entitled to additional members.
  • There should be one alternate from each program.

How often does student senate meet:

Every two weeks.

Student Senate – Virginia Campus

The Virginia Student Senate is the official governing body for students on campus. We're here to make sure that the Student's Voice is heard in all decision affecting students, and to advocate for students at a campus, state, and system level. We are a part of LeadMN as well, the official two year college Student Association. LeadMN lobbies on Capitol Hill to ensure that accessibility and affordability are the top priorities when it comes to Higher Education.

For more information on LeadMN, log onto

The Senate appoints several committees to help run the student program. The most important of these would be the Student Life Budget Committee. This committee has the responsibility to create and submit a student life budget plan to the college provost for approval for the next fiscal year.

Student Life Budget Committee consists of: Senate President (both campuses), Senate Vice President (both campuses), Senate Treasurer (both campuses), Director of Student Activities (both campuses), Senate Advisors (both campuses), Athletic Director.

Another important committee that the senate appoints is the Student Activities Committee. The Director of Student Activities (DSA) heads this committee and works along side the Student Life Director/Advisor and the 2 Student Life Committee Reps. Their duties include, planning, advertising, and directly overseeing all campus activities available to the entire student body. These activities include 3 full week activities per year; Homecoming, Deep Freeze, and Spring Fling Week.

Interested? To contact your Student Senate representatives, call them at 218-744-7492 or stop by and visit them in The Student Senate Office, which is located in the Virginia Campus Learning Center.

Who is your Advisor: Antavius Thomas, 218-749-0315

What should a student do if they are interested in joining: Contact Antavius Thomas – Student Senate Advisor (218) 749-0315

Student Senate – Eveleth Campus

Who is your Advisor: Antavius Thomas, 218-749-0315

What should a student do if they are interested in joining: Contact Antavius Thomas – Student Senate Advisor (218) 749-0315

Eveleth Student Senate Members:

Vice President:
Director of Student Life Activties: